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121Why You Need Some Yard Flamingos Right Now

Turn that frown upside down, my buddy. It is as simple as buying yourself a few pink lawn flamingos, the beacons of awful, the kitsch – masters of cool, the retro – riffic birds ever to light in your lawn.

As all great hipsters know, pink lawn flamingos will be the quintessential symbol of American kitsch. The burning question is, why do not you possess one?, because you are a great hipster Here are three powerful reasons why you cannot live even one instant longer without some:

1. It must be great, if it’s from 1957. Pink lawn flamingos are the masterpiece of yardart sculptor Don Featherstone, who first designed them for Union Products in 1957. Featherstone’s flamingos went on sale in 1958, a year in which, fortuitously, the colour pink was reaching new heights of fashionability. Soon after, violently rosy, durably plastic tropical birds began appearing in graceful poses on yards throughout the country, and the remainder is kitch-story. Exhibiting lawn flamingos tells the world, or at least your corner of it, that you tip your hat humbly to the pre – sarcasm age, and all the goofy grandeur it continues to offer. If this really is really not reason enough for you to really purchase one, monitor your pulse and read on.

2. They truly are cheaper than meds. You grimly slurp some java, get up, and pull yourself kicking and screaming to work every day. The screaming and kicking generally does not stop when you have arrived, and following eight hours of grinding away for the guy, you fight as a traffic ninja to return to home sweet home. Would not it’s delightful if there were pink lawn flamingos there to herald your semi-triumphant return? There isn’t any issue so great, no burden so significant, no weariness so worldly that it may stand up for the comic relief a lawn flamingo offers. They truly are better at diffusing negative emotions than herbal teas, yoga, and treatment combined.

3. Yard flamingos are cooler than you. How groovy would you be if you’re a flamingo made of hot pink, allweather plastic? Pretty groovy, that is how. And that is how groovy lawn flamingos are. They possess groovy, my buddy. Regardless of where they go, there they are, in all their lurid, unapologetic grandeur – we wish we were that cool, and surrounding yourself with yard flamingos is the next best thing to being one. Why be a dreary old normal individual and confine them all to your own yard? You can include a doubleshot of amazing to any room by propping up a few surprise flamingos inside. How interesting would it be to have a pair of pink lawn flamingos arching their long necks finely towards your entertainment center, peeking out from behind your indoor plants, or startling visitors as they enter your guest bathroom?

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