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Skidsteer Loader Available In Lakelands, Western Australia

Catering for all bobcat jobs including website cuts, website cleans, site clearing, garden clean ups, preparation for sheds, carports, tanks, paving, driveways as well as leveling and spreading of soil.
We’re known for getting the right quality people and equipment to aid with any size project.

Bobcats save a lot of time, energy and money as they are excellent for simple things such as adding or removing sand and dirt, tree transporting, clearing an overgrown garden or for general excavation work.

We also take our dedication to customer needs seriously. This is why our plant hire equipment is our customer service second to none.

Perfect for use on a broad range of jobs, our quality bobcats can be used for landscaping jobs and small excavation work and can be found for a competitive rate.

It would be very useful to touch base and discuss the size & nature of the removal or demolition. Additionally it is important to have a fantastic understanding of accessibility on site.

You do not need to worry about the daunting task of concrete and stone removal; we have you covered. Our Bobcat & Tipper services include but are not Limited to Concrete Removal / Soil Removal / Green Waste Removal / leveling /Landscape Preparation
Our excavation machine is excellent for any work done on rough terrain, or wet and muddy places.
We specialise in modern equipment. We regularly service our mini excavators to manufacturing specifications, for your peace of mind.
Our name Central Mandurah Bobcat Hire reflects our identity of having a long history as a family owned and operated business, which we are extremely proud of.
Just talk to our friendly staff about hire times and prices and we’ll make sure you get the right bobcat for the time you need at a reasonable price.
Whether you will need to hire a mini excavator or bobcat there is no better option than Central Mandurah Bobcat Hire.

With a selection of accessories that make for an easy task together with standard mounting systems, our bobcat services are excellent for all your tight access and mini excavation work.

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