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a26It is not uncommon to look down at your own concrete drive and find yourself filled with dread in the number of cracks which have appeared in an once pristine entry to your own abode.

The great news is the fact that this is sometimes fixed, although for an extended time your only choice would have been to replace the whole drive.

Concrete resurfacing as it’s known can be accomplished by anyone willing to set up the effort and time.

Resurfacing the concrete will save you at least 25% of your prices to replace the entire drive, which is definitely a better prospect particularly should you be short on cash.

Cracks in the slabs leave the top of the unsightly and are 1 of the very typical issues and may be a real eyesore. If left unchecked, they can still become a health hazard, together with the danger of the household member tripping.

The very first thing to do is get your equipment or tools together for the occupation. Like all DIY jobs, when you really have the appropriate tools for your occupation then you’re likely to find things a great deal easier. Next step, remove any lose bits within the concrete and utilize a power hose on any loose debris and dust. It is really significant the surface is as clean as possible before employing a fresh layer.

Then put on a layer of concrete and utilize your trowel to smooth out any spots which are not level. Then before the very first coat dries you need to add another coat.

Finally, skim over the whole place and fill in spots which might have been missed along the way. You too can apply a clear sealer at this stage for a professional finish. The point would be to provide an extremely smooth top to the concrete and keep it spotlessly clean.

These measures are of course only an outline on the best way to resurface your concrete drive. Any job ought to be studied thoroughly with exact directions being followed. Maybe your like me and barely able to beat a nail into wood. If that’s the situation easier to hire the professionals. There are loads of great concrete resurfacing service available.

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