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Digging a Pool Hole

When a swimming pool becomes damaged or is no longer used, the home owner needs to make an important choice to continue with a swimming pool demolition job

Complete removal is merely what is seems like: the pool is entirely removed. We leave no cement, no conduits, no unwanted decking, no gear or anything else related to the pool. The hole is filled with highquality fill and compacted, hence returning the yard to its pre-pool state, without risk of sinking or instability. For more about our pool removal technique.

Pool and hot tub demolition can often times have extremely narrow access in addition to other challenges. With our years of expertise in this area and numerous pools demolished in Texas, we’ve got the skill to manage many kinds of pool demolition scenarios.

Our equipment, services, and experience will bring value to your own job as well as house. Moreover, occasionally swimming pools and spas just must be eliminated to prevent safety risks and obligations for the property owners

From patching a little hole to paving your parking lot, we’re the greatest.

  • Rough grading, finish grading & leveling
  • Trenching for sewers, water lines, electric lines, irrigation, etc.
  • Hole digging for posts, fencing, trees, shrubs, plants, supports, etc.
  • Small tree, shrub, brush, leaf, & stump removal
  • Dirt haul off and transfer
  • Back fill for trenches, holes, pools etc.
  • Concrete/Pool break up and removal
  • Lot & fire break clearing
  • Drainage
  • Building debris & garbage removal
  • Demolition: drives & slabs
  • Haul away
  • Sod removal
  • Digging for ponds & water features

Some folks believe that they’ll manage the landscaping works all by themselves. While it’s a fact there are some manageable landscaping tasks, which is often personally handled, the reality remains that the majority of the tasks involved in landscaping work demands the expertise and years of experience of professionals. This comprises the building of retaining walls, grading, and excavation & hauling.

When giving a lawn a fresh appearance and a more amazing view, there are specific constructions which should be removed. Works like uprooting trees and tearing down of constructions like concrete slabs and walls are occasionally essential.

Our extensive variety of reputable Mini Bobcat’s and Larger Skid Steer Loaders for hire is competent to service virtually any size job. We specialise in tight access jobs but also have equipment prepared to cover all larger size jobs.

Q: What’s the narrowest width you should get a digger into my back yard or down the side of my house?
A: Our narrowest machine is 750mm broad; this would mean access of 780mm would be preferable.

Q: Can I control the bobcat truck or loader machine myself?

A: Unfortunately the answer is no. All of our highly experienced operators are capable operators and take with them all applicable tickets and permits.

Q: What happens if it’s raining?

A: Whenever you make an enquiry you’ll receive a text message with your local operators phone number. Please make contact with your operator should you’re feeling the weather will affect your occupation. All the time our operator would have already touched base with you to discuss what impact the weather has had on your special occupation and reschedule the next acceptable date for your project.

Q: Can you level my yard to get it prepared for lawn?

A: Absolutely, our franchisees are exceptionally proficient in clearing and leveling any size blocks. Not only for new yard but also for paving, drives and concrete preparation.

Q: Can you dig trenches using a Bobcat?

A: Bobcats can have attachments that are called chain digger trenchers. These produce a narrow trench great for a stormwater and electric trenches.

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