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Winter lawn care includes getting your lawn ready for the cooler weather, including lawn pest management. Read for hints on the best way to prepare your yard for the wintertime.

The secret to a lovely yard once spring begins is preparing it for the long winter. Whether you live in a cold climate or perhaps a more reasonable one, it is a fantastic thought to take several easy measures that’ll bring your grass back greener and fitter than ever before.

Rake Up Those Leaves

If fall has left your grass covered in crunchy brown leaves, do not leave them there — rake them up. Making a thick layer of leaves in your lawn may hold your grass from receiving the air and nutrients it needs and induce it to die a slow death as it struggles with a small air supply. However, a few leaves and clippings can really break down into fertilizer because the winter continues, supplying your yard with nutrients it should stay healthy.

Mow One Last Time Then Aerate

Before packing your mower away for the season, proper lawn care calls for one last mowing session. Cut the grass a little shorter than you’d normally because lengths longer than two inches could trap moisture and result in disorder within the springtime. When you have mown for the last time, another lawn care measure would be to aerate the ground. Including using a piece of machinery that penetrates the earth, pulling little plugs of dirt outside and allowing oxygen to make it to the grass. Many lawn care services can supply this service for a modest fee or you can definitely lease the gear from the home improvement store.

Lawn Care Basics: Seed, Fertilize, Then Water

Employ some grass seed after aerating, for those who have thin patches or bare spots inside your lawn. This will enable the seed to germinate in the cooler temperatures, which helps cut back in the amount of weeds that may grow alongside your seed. Employ a slow releasing fertilizer, once you have given your new seeds an opportunity to grow. Select a formula that is specially created for winterizing. This will definitely help make sure your own yard receives nutrients through the entire cold weather season. After use, give your yard one last great drink: the fertilizer will be activated by the water.

Get In Touch With A Professional For Lawn Pest Control

The kind of pests can differ considerably depending upon the place you live so that it is a great ideal to get in touch with a professional for yard pest management. Whether you are faced with grubs or other pests, a lawn pest management business will learn ways to eliminate them, yet still make friendly creatures like earthworms only.

Monitor Your Sprinklers

For those who have an underground sprinkler system, check to ensure it has been drained properly, particularly in case you are in part of the nation that freezes. Water that is left within the lines can expand when it freezes, causing the conduits to burst, explode and spew water throughout your lawn.

Getting ready for the winter goes a long way towards a yard within the springtime. Take these few easy steps and also you’ll be greeted with verdant, green grass when spring finally appears.

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