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Fire ants can be a significant issue for almost any yard. Due to their aggressiveness, fire ants are way different from conventional black ants. Fire ant colonies in your yard can be quite dangerous to not only your animals and plants, but also you along with your family, particularly in case you’ve got little kids who like to play outside.

A fire ant’s sting may cause reactions including nausea and discomfort to more intense reactions. It will be advisable to take actions in addition to great care and consideration when eradicating your yard of fire ant colonies
Here are a few helpful suggestions for dealing with fire ants in your yard.

Fire Ants in several states don’t have any natural predators, as such, there’s nothing you can grow to bring an enemy to manage the dilemma. The very first thing you ought to do if you stumble across a fire ant pit is step back and don’t affect it.

What you see on the surface running around are the worker ants. These fire ants could be stomped all you need, but that’ll not kill them or make the leave. Fire ants have a queen within their nest, you should get to the queen as a way to eliminate the ants.

Now you have a little foundation, there are three things I suggest you do to handle your fire ant scenario. First thing is the factor. Fire ants hate to be constantly annoyed or agitated. Therefore, mowing your yard, kicking their nest and in aggravating the hive will get them pack up and move.

This really doesn’t kill them, it’ll just get them all to go to another place.

The 2nd thing you’ll be able to try if having them pack up and proceed isn’t enough, is boil water in a big pot. For me, this was the finest technique because it doesn’t add any substances into your lawn. After boiling the pot place a funnel within the highest part of the fire ant set and pour the hot water into it.

The hot water should make its way down their system and kill the queen. Should it not work, you’ll have atleast agitated them and made them move. Try this again and again until you succeed! Remember, the fire ant pits are deeply and go underground for some way, so ensure you boil enough water to kill the fire ants!

Don’t forget! As soon as you pour the water within the hole, the ants will come out charging. Pour and run!


There are only two primary kinds of insecticides to contemplate, liquids and dusts. Because they are generally above ground liquid insecticides are suggested for ant colonies. Dusts work better for underground colonies. Additionally, you will have to use lots of liquid to cover the whole mound, at least a gallon per mound normally. Again the aim will be to kill off the queens because they create the off spring.


You might need to contemplate calling a professional exterminator if both insecticides and lure neglect to redress the difficulty. This choice will definitely be more expensive compared to the other two listed above but it is also going to be safer and confirm the difficulty is dealt with correctly and the colonies are entirely gone. The price is definitely worthwhile when it come to the security of your own kids and pets.

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